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Aazaan marks the debut of entrepreneur-turned-actor Sachiin J Joshi of Energy Drinks and Candice Boucher who was seen in the title role. The film begins with a suicide bombing attack in Germany at a peace conference where Indian Home Minister Sachin Khedekar is affected by an unknown virus. Aazaan is deployed in Waziristan to infiltrate the enemy force and to find the whereabouts of his brother.

He travels from country to country to find the culprits and even becomes one of them to gain their confidence. Aazaan comes across two Pakistanis from whom he soon finds the whereabouts of the kingpin, the Doctor. The Doctor has taken hold of Mahfouz Dalip Tahil and has seized the cure for the virus from him, so now he has both the weapon and its antidote. He knows that Aazaan is with the cops, and both are led to be killed in the market square.

Aazaan breaks free and tries to rescue the scientist, but it's too late. Before being detonated by a strapped bomb, he tells Aazaan to find a sand artist in Morocco and a girl with her, as they have the cure for the virus.

Aazaan escapes and runs to Morocco, where he finds the sand artist Aafreen, who is taking care of an orphaned girl. Aafreen knows about Aazaan and his missing brother Aman. Soon both fall in love. But the terrorists follow Aazaan in Morocco too, and the three of them decide to escape to India at the earliest so that the child's blood can be used to make a cure for the virus in India.

As they are waiting for Sam Sharma to turn up in the chopper, Aazaan, Aafreen and the girl face a rude shock when Sam pulls out a gun and shoots Aafreen. The child is forcefully taken away, and Aazaan is captured and led away. Apparently Sam was a traitor working on the side of the Doctor.

Aazaan sacrifices his life to save the girl and throws her off in a parachute. Aazaan dies and saves the world from the virus as the government now gets the antidote. Cinematographer Axel Fischer BVK was called for cinematography of the film due to his experience in the field for action-thrillers.

Former Playboy cover-girl Candice Boucher was signed as the lead actress opposite Sachiin J Joshi who would be playing a sand artist in the film. Amitabh Shukla and Humphrey Dixon were signed as the editor. The international action company Action Concept was given the work to direct the action stunts since the film involved shooting on multiple foreign locations.

Azaan is the first film to be shot in Chechnya after it became an ecological disaster zone, with oil and chemical leaking into the ground and radioactive material left lying about. The shooting was scheduled in these countries for 70 days which included many local cast to add the genuine look to Aazaan. Some of the action scenes were shot in Bangkok including stunts in which Sachiin Joshi jumped from a storey tower.On hearing the sound of azan from a nearby mosque, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paused during his speech at an election rally in Kharagpur, West Bengal for over five minutes.

Seeking people's support for BJP, he asked the gathering to keep Bengal's interest foremost in this election. Hosts India's campaign in the World University Squash Championship endedon Friday when they lost to Malaysia in the opening round of the mixed-team event. Life came a full circle for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT community and their supporters during a protest at Jantar Mantar on Sunday.

Exhibiting a perfect blend of communal harmony and mutual respect, Muslims of Rail Bazaar and Meerpur Cantt celebrate Ganesh Utsav with gusto. With CPM unable to fight their cause against Trinamool Congress, a large section of the minorities are joining the saffron fold — a fact the national leadership is learning to adapt to. With the first azan Muslim call for prayers of the day, life for 62 years old Shazia name changed and her family begins with the process of transforming a simple white piece of cloth or bunch of threads into red-orange coloured kalava and Chunri the sacred thread and cloth used in Hindus rituals.

Last week, in a quaint corner of Gandipet an elaborate function was held for a CBSE school's inauguration.


Parents of Saleh Antsar Azan, from Tanzania, are all smiles today. Their two-month-old daughter has been relieved of the pain she had been suffering ever since her birth and is fit to be discharged now. Spirituality flows in the air of a small village, which is 20 km away from Chandigarh, daily with the chants of Hindu mantras and Muslim Azan are recited in the famous Saketri Shiva temple and an adjoining mosque.

Mon, Apr 13, Updated Notification Center. Complaint over Azan at Beliaghata pandal.

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Azan transcends boundaries. PM Modi pauses speech for azan in West Bengal, says won't interrupt prayers. India go down to Malaysia in World University Squash.

Rainbow warriors vow to fight 'Dark Ages'. When Azan mingles with Ganapati Bappa Morya for communal amity. Amit Shah halts speech for azan, says won't give Mamata leeway.

Prayer Times in India

Kalava, chunri bind communities together in these twin villages. Even people in villages relate to my music: James. The best of both worlds. Alipore jail inmates to get computer lessons. Rare surgery performed on infant girl. Stories SEE All. From around the Web. Recommended By Colombia.Filmibeat: Best Of Vote Now! Bollywood Movies Azaan.

azan in hindi image

Azaan Action. Cast : Sachiin JoshiDalip Tahil. Director : Prashant Chadha. Torn between his love for his country and his brother, Aazaan embarks on his mission of unraveling a conspiracy of science and technology, which turns uglier when he realizes that it stands to threaten the 1. Strengthening him in achieving is Read: Complete Azaan Story. Critics Review. The movie surely lives upto thei. Show More. User Review. Azaan Comments. In Theaters Now. Upcoming Movies. Movies in Spotlight. Celebs in Spotlight.

Dabangg 3. Mardaani 2. Pati Patni Aur Woh.

azan in hindi image

Mission Mangal. Housefull 4.

azan in hindi image

Kiara Advani. Kriti Sanon. Sonakshi Sinha.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: October 15, Reader-Approved References. The adhan is a special Islamic call to salah prayer.

A mu'addhin calls the adhan from the minaret of a mosque to announce every prayer and worship event. According to Islamic custom, the adhan is also the first thing that a newborn baby should hear. You can say the words in English, Arabic, or any other language that is meaningful to you. To call the adhan, first perform Wudu by gargling water 3 times, inhaling water into your nose to clear your breathing passages, and washing your face, feet, and forearms 3 times. Then, center yourself quietly for a few moments and focus on what this moment means to you.

Next, locate the direction of the Kabba in Mecca and stand facing that direction on the highest place you can find. Finally, plug or cover your ears and recite the words slowly and clearly in a loud voice. For more guidance, including how many times to recite each line, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

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Calling the Adhan. Reciting a Du'a and the Iqama. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Perform Wudu to mentally and physically prepare yourself for prayer.

azan in hindi image

Make niyyah intention to purify yourself for the sake of Allah — and then wash your hands.All information on IslamicFinder. Emergency Relief: Rohingya Muslims need you! New York! Missed these Activities in NYC before?

Fight against Coronavirus: Contribute for the families at risk! Shurooq is the time of sunrise, the time when the upper limb of the sun just starts to appear above the horizon. This marks the end time for Fajr morning prayer. The term Qiyam-ul-laylin the most literal sense, means to stand during the night. It is a voluntary prayer which is offered between the time of Ishaa prayer and the Fajr prayer before dawn.

But the most preferred time is before sunrise, in the last third of the night. For more information, read our article on qiyam. The only difference is in the Asr prayer. In the standard method which is used by Imamas Shafii, Hanbali, and Maliki the Asr prayer time starts when the shadow of an object is equivalent to its height, whereas in the Hanafi method the Asr prayer time starts when the shadow of an object is twice its height.

Daylight Saving Time DST is the practice of setting the clocks forward one hour from standard time during the summer months, and back again in the fall, in order to make better use of natural strong daylight.

IslamicFinder Website is adjusting daylight savings automatically according to your location. To calculate the prayer times for a given location, we need to know the latitude and the longitude of your current city or town, along with the local timezone for that location. IslamicFinder is detecting longitude, latitude and timezone of your current city or town automatically. If you face any difference in prayer timings according to your current location then please confirm these latitude and longitude first.

You can find this option of 'Change Settings' from Top Search bar setting link on right side or from today prayer times card. If you continue using our website, then you have agreed to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Search for a City or Zip to set your location. Disclaimer All information on IslamicFinder. A-k'o-sai-ch'in Ho India general N A-k'o-sai-ch'in Hu India general N Abad West Bengal N Abadgarh Uttar Pradesh N Abadpura Punjab N Abaibani West Bengal N Abara Madhya Pradesh NThis banner text can have markup.

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This is a really useful file to read hindi translation of Quran. There is also a batter way to read Hindi Translation of Quran online www. You can also search Quran in Hindi using hindi word. There are also Categorized ayat.In Islamic tradition, Muslims are called to the five scheduled daily prayers salat by a formal announcement, called the adhan.

The adhan is also used to call believers to Friday worship at the mosque. The adhan is called out from the mosque by the muezzin, who stands either in the mosque's minaret tower if the mosque is large or in a side door if the mosque is small.

In modern times, the muezzin's voice usually is amplified by a loudspeaker mounted on the minaret. Some mosques play a recording of the adhan instead. The Arabic word adhan means "to listen. The muezzin or muadhan is a position of honor within the mosque. He is considered a servant of the mosque, selected for his good character and clear, loud voice.

As he recites the adhan, the muezzin usually faces the Ka'aba in Mecca, although other traditions have the muezzin face all four cardinal directions in turn. The institution of the muezzin position is a long-standing tradition, dating back to the time of Muhammad. Muezzins with exceptionally beautiful voices sometimes achieve minor celebrity status, with worshipers traveling great distances to their mosques in order to hear their renditions of the adhan.

Share Flipboard Email. Islam Expert. Huda is an educator, school administrator, and author who has more than two decades of experience researching and writing about Islam online. Updated April 05, Courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Arabic transliteration of the adhan is as follows:. Allahu Akbar!

Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah. Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah. Hayya 'ala-s-Salah. Hayya 'ala-l-Falah. La ilaha illa Allah.

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The English translation of the adhan is:. God is Great! I bear witness that there is no god except the One God. I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God. Hurry to the prayer. Hurry to salvation. There is no god except the One God. As-salatu Khayrun Minan-nawm. Prayer is better than sleep.

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