Are airy buds bad

Have you ever had purple Cannabis? What makes purple weed so good?

are airy buds bad

We are going to dive into the world of purple Cannabis and get to the bottom of all the rumors about purple Marijuana with our top 5 ways to tell the difference between True and Faux purples. For the same reasons why other fruits and veggies such as blueberries, eggplants, and grapes are purple Cannabis also shares the same characteristics.

This purple pigment phenomenon is caused by the occurrence of something known as Flavonoids which includes Anthocyanins, Curones, Chalcones, Flavonols, and Proanthocyanidins. Yes, there are some amazing strains and experienced growers who know how to breed out unwanted characteristics and bring out some desired looks, smells, and flavors. This is actually a huge problem not a lot of people talk about but it is rampant and could have devastating impacts on the industry as there are certain politicians and business entities that are constantly poking holes and criticizing the validity of Cannabis as a medicinal plant.

What a disappointment it is to pay top dollar price for low-grade bud. There will be little to no distinction between hair and bud color in most cases.

Not many trichomes, almost none deep in the bud. Deep purple buds covered in light red hairs and frosted in a thick fog of white crystal resin. Not disgusting but definitely not pleasing. One of the reasons why purple weed is in such a high demand is because of its high rate of flavor throughout the strains. Expect Berries and sweetness upfront and earthiness in the background.

Cerebral effects indicative of a sativa with slightly higher euphoric effects. Get Snacks, you will be Hungry. More often than not faux purple strains will appear dry which is a dead give away for a plant that was grown with a nutrient deficiency and under poor conditions. In fact, a lot of it is hype. I mean come on its purple, that looks pretty fucken cool man! There is currently a huge problem when it comes to regulating strains, whole sellers, and growers.

Keeping the Integrity of the strains not only will help in making sure what you pay for is what you get but it will also help to legitimize the industry on a national and global level. Remember when Pokemon Go was released? One of our missions is to push for better strain control with third-party labs and studies. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share With Your Friends! Like What You Read? Subscribe Today for more Dank Content!

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How To Avoid Airy And Loose Marijuana Buds On Your Plants

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Why are my buds airy and light. Thread starter Token Everyday Start date Nov 11, Token Everyday Active Member.

KushKing New Member. AnonGrower Well-Known Member. Master Kush Well-Known Member. Well, if they are light, fluffy, and airy, I would think you grew a Sativa. It could be because of the lighting or how far the light was from the plant. SpruceZeus Well-Known Member. Could be a million reasons, lighting, improper diet, bad temps, bad root system, disease, etc.Hybrid strains will likely contain components of both profiles.

Avoid buds that smell like hay or have no discernible smell at all. Quality cannabis buds should be generally green in color, not brown! The important question to ask is: does the bud look like it came from a healthy plant? It is not uncommon for quality buds to have hints of purple, pink, blue, etc.

However, if the majority of the bud is rusty red, brown, tan, or yellow in color, it came from an unhealthy plant. Buds that looked bleached white not frosty with crystals are the unfortunate victims of light burn, an unfavorable growing condition in which the plant is subjected to extremely high-intensity light.

As a general rule of thumb, indica buds should be tight and dense, while sativa buds are often more light and fluffy. However, when grown carelessly, indica buds can take on sativa-like appearance, with open, incomplete buds and visible stems. The pistils should be dispersed throughout the bud, not clustered in some areas and absent from others.

Following the harvest, cannabis buds must be trimmed in order to eliminate the leaves surrounding the bud. Quality cannabis buds should be tightly hand-trimmed as opposed to machine-trimmed.

Avoid buds that have been machine trimmed or untrimmed buds with excessive leaves; typical indications of rushed cultivation practices. Trichome density is relatively easy to distinguish with the naked eye; i. Quality buds will be covered in trichomes that sparkle like crystals, whereas poor quality buds will lack trichome coverage. The question at hand; was the plant grown to maturity, or was it harvested prematurely or even late?

Usually, the problem is prematurely harvested buds as opposed to those which are over-ripened especially with sativa strains, as they have longer flowering periods. Premature harvesting is especially common in illegal states where the underground cultivators seek to complete more flower cycles in a year to maximize yield at the expense of quality.

The color of the glandular trichome head is the easiest way to determine trichome ripeness. Ideally, the trichome heads should be milky white, possibly with a hint of amber.Classifieds New classifieds.

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1st Grow - Light Airy Buds - What Went Wrong?

Contact us. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hi Farmers! Harvested my multi-strain grow about two weeks ago and I'm quite happy now that I no longer have to buy my meds anymore. White Widow came out fantastic! Dense, supasticky and gleaming! The yield was Decent, I guess 2. Is that good?

Tips On How to Dry Weed Buds Fast

Anyway, my other plants got a decent yield but they are light and airy. Soft, flexable and aromatic. They are about 2 to 3 times the size of "Dense Nugs" though. They just didn't tighten up. No bag appeal compared to dispensaries To say nothing of the awesome stuff I've seen posted here! Maybe the All-Organic-Nutes? Will chemical nutes produce a denser bud than organic?

I know this is just my first grow, but I'm learning. Want to try and figure out this issue before i do it to more plants :. Got some great genetics On Deck and I want to post some pics here of my achievements :. Thanks in advance guys Peace. Sounds llike its just the strain man. What kind of lighting? Density could have to do with strain or light intensity. Radio Flyer.By accessing this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We use cookies to enable essential features of our site and to help personalize your experience. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. Mold is something gardeners must always be aware of as the spores are virtually everywhere.

There are multiple types of mold that can infect your plant. The two most common are bud rot botrytis cinerea and powdery mildew. Bud rot is a type of mold that develops in the dense cores of the cannabis buds.

are airy buds bad

The infection starts on the stem inside of the bud and then spreads outwards, making it very difficult to detect in its early stages. After its onset, bud rot breaks down the surrounding bud and spreads out in all directions.

Soon it produces its own spores that can then spread to other areas of the plant or garden. The rot will first appear white and wispy and will turn grey and black as the bud turns to a mushy, slimy consistency.

Once a bud begins to mold, it is no longer safe for consumption and must be discarded. Common practice is to remove the infected area of the plant and to let the rest of the plant continue to grow. However, if the infection is widespread, it might have to be completely removed from the garden to protect the rest of your crop.

The best way to prevent bud rot is to understand what makes the mold thrive in the first place. Bud rot thrives in environments and plants with:. Bud rot prevention begins with the type of strain you select for your garden. Sativas, having adapted to humid equatorial regions, tend to grow light, wispy, airy buds. With improved air flow in the buds, sativas often have superior mold resistance. Indicas, on the other hand, adapted to the dry mountainous regions of Asia, and grow denser buds that are more susceptible to mold if introduced to a humid climate.

If humidity control is a concern, consider growing a plant that expresses itself with more airy, mold-resistant buds. Pruning and training your plants can also help prevent bud rot. Humidity and ventilation are both impacted by how dense and crowded your canopy is think walking through a dense jungle versus an aspen grove. By pruning your plants effectively, you increase the airflow, thereby reducing moisture collection.

Training your plants increases further ventilation by pulling the colas apart from each other so they are not touching. Plants with healthy immune systems are more likely to fend off mold growth. Growing organically with the use of compost tea and diverse nutrients can help increase beneficial microbes in the soil that help keep the immune systems of your plants strong and ready to fight against infection.

Lastly, protecting your plant from excessive moisture is key in the battle against bud rot. Watering plants in the morning helps prevent humidity in the garden when the sun goes down or when lights turn off later in the day.

Additionally, protecting plants from rain by growing in a greenhouse or indoors lends a huge advantage against bud rot. A simpler method is to walk through your garden and lightly shake each plant to remove the standing water. For greenhouse or indoor gardens, fans and dehumidifiers may be used to regulate humidity. Efforts to prevent bud rot do not stop once the bud has been harvested. Mold can also occur as the buds dry and cure. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Again, if you find mold, discard the infected area while saving what is unaffected. Harvest after a dry spell. Pull off fan leaves and trim buds before drying. Doing so before hanging them up to dry will reduce the moisture in your drying room and increase the airflow to the drying buds.Question: From genetics to humidity, what produces airy buds?

And how can we combat this, if we choose? I guess we will start with genetics- I personally feel that if you have a strain that started off from the get go seed to be an airy formation type flower, its always going to be an airy type flower. A good atmosphere with proper lighting, humidity, air flow, temp. Has been known to cause flowers to become airy. Nutrients- Every week in flowering is crucial, but the mid weeks are important for the bulking period. Some growers like to bump up there bloom feed and add a lil bit of extra calmag.

There are many other factors, these are just a few of my opinions, hope they help you out Grobro Rhyno. Humidity is a major concern for plant survival, and I would say temperature comes in a close second. Sativas like warmer weather — yes!

How much warmer? The glucose is then strung together to make cellulose which accounts for the majority of the plant cell structure. Timing is critical…. We are committed to only allowing people of legal age limit to enter and access our site. Please verify your age to enter.

Airy Buds? May 18, at am Rhyno Participant. May 19, at pm Rhyno — Airy Buds, I guess we will start with genetics- I personally feel that if you have a strain that started off from the get go seed to be an airy formation type flower, its always going to be an airy type flower.

A few tips on growing tighter structured flowers. Indicas- Like cooler temperatures- Sativas like warmer.

May 20, at am Great Information Braveheart… Actually I was raising this topic for discussion to help educate our younger cultivators. June 25, at pm You must be logged in to reply to this topic. I am over 18 I am under Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

are airy buds bad

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Thread starter kahtn Start date Jan 18, Just my 2 centswhat is your drying and curing techniques? And could this be a possibility? Happy Growing!

are airy buds bad

Cool tube try an open air reflector. Grumpy' Active Member. No see thats where your going wrong, harvesting with white hairs, the bud has no guts because it didnt get a chance to swell and harden. Next time wait till almost no hairs left,just resin sacks. SpicySativa Well-Known Member.

I'm no pro, but I do know that to get the benefit of that CO2, you need temps closer to It's a balance, as temp rises, CO2 use rises. That's when CO2 supplementing will help you out. Try Casey Jones and let the tricl. Also plants grown with not enough light will also produce more thin airy buds. I suggest going for something very indica dominant and possibly up the wattage.

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