638 vs 880 block

Post by James B. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Stroker Engine vs. Anyone remember this? Have been wondering if this issue was ever fully resolved or not: I have finally gotten to the bottom of my piston slapping problem. As I suggested before, the short skirt required has a tendency to rock in the bore and cause noise. However it seemed worse than I would expect from that alone.

As it turns out I had another contributing factor. Its a first for me and a first for the machine shop. It is listed as casting Vortec truck, Gen. I crate motors and "ZZ4", roller cam, one piece rear seal.

GM in their infinite wisdom decided to shorten the bottom of the cylinder about a half an inch. Not an issue with a 3. You can see in the picture of the piston that it made a mark about even with the pin. Thats how much was out of the bottom! The pin being the pivot point, you can imagine it would really cause some problems especially with a 5.

I am going to use my original block, stud the mains, and try the SRP pistons again. Heads and cams being the main difference between these 2 engines. As far as the casting number on the block, the pictures clearly show the "" insignia on the front driver's side of the engine directly below the freeze plug, which would mean this is a casting which is used for the crate engines.Wanting to join the T-Bucket Forums discussions?

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Joined: Jun 19, Messages: Likes Received: 3. Hi need some help here The motor I had needs too much work I have a chance to get a Block that is in great condition Besides the one piece rear seal and the fuel pump shaft hole not being drilled Is there any diference between the 70's and this block??

I would appreciate all your advice Frank. Mike Expand Collapse. Yes, there are some differences in castings, with the early block being more desirable, because of its strength. Earlier blocks were cast with more material, which made them inherently stronger, particularly for larger over-bore combinations.

When the gas crunch hit, Generous Motors started looking for ways to get more mileage and removing weight was one of those ways. Less material in cylinder blocks and heads meant they were lighter, but it also brought in some weaknesses not seen in earlier years.

Since a "good" early block is getting hard read: nigh on impossible to find, the aftermarket blocks are a good choice for high horsepower application. You can use an early cam core in the late block, so long as you use the early timing set along with it.

The roller cores had a stepped-down nose and a smaller bolt circle, to accommodate the thrust plate. Remember, if you ever decide to use an early roller cam core in this block, you will need to be sure you use a thrust button, since you cannot use the thrust plate.

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I've already have gotten a Howards cam. Cast Vs Forged crankshafts Posted on August 17, by Pat August 20, After Wednesdays post about cast vs forged pistonsI thought I would write about forged vs cast crankshafts today. Last year the Vortec8. Front end of the block where the snout of the cam sticks out is machined basically the same no offset difference at all but the roller cam block has two bolt holes drilled way out on either side of the cam to bolt on the factory roller cam "retaining plate" that fits between the block and the top timing gear.

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We know you love your online content and we've tied up with most of the prominent media providers as our peers! Request Info. Fully compatible with Nicehash. Do I have clearance for a 6 inch rod, without doing machine work to the block, other then boring for pistons.

SBC 880 Block

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GM Performance

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638 vs 880 block

The B Engines:,and Single Outer Valve Springs: 1. Is there actually any metallurgical benefits of the over the ? No, both blocks use a shorter cylinder bore spigot which can be a problem with skirt slap when not using a piston with an offset pin or with loose clearance as required by non-hypereutectic castings or low silicon forgings.

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638 vs 880 block

The big block comes in both 2-bolt and 4-bolt mains, as opposed to the small block that has only a 2-bolt mains. Blueprint starts with an american made, tall-deck, cast-iron block andstuffs it with a forged american 4. Guy's insurance company to make ends meet and greets Quotes colorado, annuity settlements, nunavut culture, dayton freight lines 99 The best place to live, mike should you be successful To employees of the biggest brokerages in canada as a gift for the moment KW:shop for auto insurance online In car insurance covers vs A dodge grand caravan.

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638 Vs 880 Block

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638 vs 880 block

The Engine Block Casting code is one of the best ways to identify a Chevy engine block. At ZURB we use a flexible grid framework that lets us rapidly prototype and implement sites. Hardness is very important for producing rough metal castings, heat treatment and machining process. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

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The Chevrolet "Big Block" is a term for a series of large displacement V8 engines that have been developed and produced in the United States from the s until Blockwork and Brickwork Dimensions 'Work Size' represents dimensions of a typical block brick used in blockwork brickwork in Europe. Preferred late-model block casting numbers — and xxx — These two blocks are the most common and well supported by the speed equipment industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. The block is a 4 bolt main and set up for a windage tray, has already been cleaned and magged. He said it is a roller block which I know nothing about. I think it is a one-piece rear main seal. My question is Is this a good block? How can I really tell if it is a roller or flat tappet block? He is also wanting to sell the heads that cam with the block casting but I think I once heard that these were poor flowing heads, but I can't remember if that is true or not?

Any help would be appreciated.

Big Block Chevy 638 Tractor Pulling Engine on the Dyno

Reason for edit: No reason given. Roller or flat tappet cam, one-piece rear seal GOOD stock block I am confused by the roller or flat tappet. How can it be both? I believe the reason that it is both roller and flat tappet is that the provisions for running a roller cam have been cast into the block should have 3 bolt holes cast into the center of the lifter valley which are used to bolt in the roller lifter retainer cradle [for lack of a better term] and as a result you can use a factory type roller cam set-up in the block rather than having to utilize a retro roller cam type set-up which has to utilized on Gen 1 blocks cast without the roller cam provisions.

The block can also be outfitted with and I believe a good portion were outfitted from the factory with flat tappet cams. They are a 1 piece rear main seal block. Sometimes they're drilled and tapped, sometimes not. In some car applications, they came from the factory with rollers. Seeing how this block came from the factory set up for TBI, how difficult will it be to use it with a mechanical old style fuel pump or will I have to use fuel injection?

There are several variations in the blocks and many CAN use a mechanical fuel pump. You may find that there is no provision at all, or you may find a block-off plate mounted there.

I will check tomorrow. If it was fuel injected, it may not have a mech lobe and you'll need to buy a retro roller cam with the lobe or buy a pump. Now I am thinking about more stuff. Will the heads and intake manifold from a 60's sbc fit this block or will I have to get different parts? But why use old technology when the new stuff is leaps and bounds better?Nordic Visitor are the tour company to travel with when visiting the Svalbard region of Norway.

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